Debt Consulting, Credit Consulting & Financial Coaching in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Credit Repair LLC specializes in opportunities. We provide the keys to a second chance and long-term financial stability. If you’re worried about debt collectors, living for the next paycheck, struggling to develop a workable budget, or finding it impossible to save for retirement, the services of a credit counselor are invaluable. We ask questions to fully understand your specific circumstances and organize a strategy to solve problems. Our certified counselors explore possibilities and get you on the right track.

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Buffalo Credit Repair LLC offers access to an actual building and 24/7 client portal. We encourage you to call us at (716) 436-5000 for a free debt and credit consultation. Our team is trained to evaluate the data and customize goals to eliminate debt. We not only supply the tools and advice, but educate, assist, and support. Every counseling session is totally confidential and our advice is uniquely tailored to you specifically. We address the most urgent financial challenges, focusing on the improvement of individual credit scores and overall financial well-being. Confident, responsive, and transparent, Buffalo Credit Repair LLC is your network of support in Buffalo.

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What’s included:

  • Effective balancing of personal budget and finances
  • Tactics for strategic credit line utilization
  • Advisement on loan approval, credit cards, home buying and vehicle purchasing
  • Damage Control in the event that something arises unexpectedly on credit report

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